Earn free fuel, car washes, and more with myHusky Rewards

myHusky Rewards Card

Register your myHusky Rewards card and every time you put fuel in your vehicle or make qualifying purchases from Husky stations, you’ll earn valuable myHusky Rewards points

  • 1 myHusky Rewards point per litre of regular fuel.
  • 2 myHusky Rewards points per litre of premium fuel.
  • 2 myHusky Rewards points per dollar spent in store, including lotto, car wash, and Husky House Restaurants (tobacco excluded).

Register your card to receive 200 bonus points plus 200 more points if you sign up to receive emails.

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Pump up your rewards with the myHusky App

With your myHusky Rewards card loaded in the app, you can say goodbye to your plastic card. Get 200 points the first time you use the app, then earn points automatically every time you use the app to purchase fuel and car washes. You can also redeem for both dollars off fuel and a free car wash in the same purchase. Scan your digital card to earn and redeem points in store, plus view your points balance and transaction history in the app. Learn more here.

Redeem for valuable rewards

Once you’re earning points with every visit, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they add up! Redeem your points instantly for fuel, coffee, car washes, lottery and meals at Husky House Restaurants.

Rewards towards purchase
(Fuel and convenience store)
$2 350
$5 715
$10 1430
$20 2860
$30 4290
$40 5720
$50 7150
Coffee (any size) 130
Cold Sucks (any size) 130
Quick Car Wash 600
Washer Fluid 640
Regular Car Wash 650
Ultimate Car Wash 700

You can also redeem your points for items in our online catalogue including the latest electronics, household items, travel and an assortment of popular gift cards.

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Don't have a card yet?

Pick one up for free at any Husky location or sign up for a new card with the myHusky app.