Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Select “Reset Password” in your Profile tab, then enter your app account email to receive a six-digit reset code.

Once you receive this code at the email address associated with your app account, open the app again and click “Sign In”.

Tap “Forgot your password?”, then tap “I already have a reset code”.

Enter the code you received in the app and follow the steps to create a new password.

After a review of our bulk propane business, Husky decided to stop selling bulk propane across our network. Throughout 2021 and into 2022, Husky will work closely with our retailers and contractors to ensure we decommission the tanks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Most Husky locations will offer propane through a pre-filled tank exchange program called Tank Traders.

No. Imperial Oil and Husky entered into an agreement to brand our network of cardlocks to Esso. As part of the agreement, Husky Travel Centres and a select number of Husky retail stations also changed fuel brands from Husky to Esso™ and are offering Fuel Technology Synergy™ gasoline (Synergy Fuel). Husky continues to own and operate these stations. Our convenience stores, restaurants and car washes remain branded Husky. For more information on this change, visit

Husky is committed to supporting the communities in which we work and some organizations may be eligible for support through our Community Investment program. Please visit the Community Investment section of the Husky Energy website for more information.

A pre-authorization amount is a temporary hold that financial institutions place on customer accounts, similar to when a person rents a car, books a hotel room or pays at the pump for fuel purchases.

For pay-at-pump fuel purchases, a pre-authorization amount of $200 will appear on your account until the hold is released by your financial institution. This means you will have a reduction of credit available to you until the hold is released. The staff at Husky sites cannot remove this for you.

The amount of your actual fuel purchase will appear separately on your account and be the only charge you pay for.

Important: The $200 pre-authorization amount is added each time a credit card is inserted into a fuel pump, even if the transaction is not completed. This means, if you swipe your card multiple times, the same number of pre-authorization amounts will appear on your account.

If you have additional questions regarding the pre-authorization amount, please contact your card issuer directly.

Fuel prices may vary between locations in city and provinces due to:

  • Varying taxes on fuel in each province and sometimes each city
  • Varying transportation costs due to the location of the site
  • The volume of fuel sold at a site
  • Local market dynamics between locations in the same city

SOURCE: Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) - visit the CFA website for more information

The fee is similar to access fees for ATM, vacuum or a payphone and covers the cost of supplying and maintaining our air compressor equipment so you can properly fill your tires and be safe on the road.

The operating level  of our Air-serv tire inflators is 99.5% or higher, compared to a reliability rate of 50% when compressed air was available at no cost to motorists and cyclists. A portion of the fee is also donated to the non-profit group Habitat for Humanity.

Manual entry of a damaged card is not recommended by BCAA in case your membership number is entered incorrectly. If your card is not swiping properly, it could be a problem with the magnetic strip. Replacement cards are available from your local BCAA office at no charge.

If your card didn’t swipe for your transaction, you can also take your receipt to any BCAA office within 30 days and they will credit your account for you.

BCAA Customer Service can be reached at 1-888-268-2222.

Parking is available at Husky Travel Centres for Husky customers only. Please check with the individual location for specific parking limits which can be 2 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours.

Return policies are specific to each individual retail site. Please contact the site directly to confirm details.

The pump price is always correct.

Fuel prices can fluctuate throughout the day and will automatically update at the pumps. This means there might be a slight delay from when the pump price changes and when staff at the site can change the outdoor sign.

myHusky Rewards

For questions related to myHusky Rewards, please click here to be redirected to  

Prepayment for fuel

Many of our stations were already prepay only. We made the decision consistent for all Husky stations to eliminate serious injuries related to fuel theft, creating a safer environment for our attendants and customers.

Some of our stations are owned and operated by independent dealers.

You don’t have to pay at the pump. You are welcome to pay inside the station before filling up.

Husky implemented prepayment for fuel across its entire network in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. British Columbia had already established prepay as a law.

If you prepay at the pump, you will be prompted to insert your myHusky Rewards card. If you prepay inside the store, the station attendant will ask you to swipe your card during the transaction.

Please call myHusky Rewards – you can find the phone number on the back of your card. The points from your purchase can be retroactively added to your account as long as you still have the receipt from when you prepaid inside.

The pre-authorization receipt shows you how much money you have authorized the pump to fill, but it does not show the amount of litres. The official receipt includes total litres, the exact amount and taxes you paid and how you paid.

Important! You are only charged for what you fuel. If you authorize for a $20 fill and you only fill to $15, you will be charged $15.

You might want a receipt to expense later. Only official receipts include the litres fueled and the exact taxes, which is information needed for business purposes. Fleet and/or business customers need to go back inside to get the official receipt if the pump does not issue one.


Made from grain, corn, sugar or starchy vegetables, ethanol is considered a renewable fuel, unlike fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Ethanol contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions since it's made from renewable, plant-based feedstocks.

Yes, federal and provincial regulations mandate a blend of ethanol into gasoline. In compliance with these regulations, Husky fuel may contain up to 10% ethanol content.

It depends on the age and make of your recreational vehicle. Most mainstream manufacturers of power equipment permit the use of ethanol blends up to 10%. Generally, ethanol-blended gasoline can be used anywhere ordinary unleaded gasoline is used. However, we recommend you refer to your owner’s manual or manufacturer to ensure your equipment is compatible with ethanol.

Premium fuel improves the performance and fuel efficiency of vehicle engines. A high-octane fuel can counter the buildup of deposits and reduce abnormal combustion and knocking (the noise that indicates abnormal combustion in an engine). Consult your owner’s manual to determine the right fuel grade for your vehicle.

Husky’s premium fuel is 91 octane. To realign our fuel grade slate with the marketplace and what is available from the refineries that supply our fuel, Husky decided, in early 2021, to no longer sell 94 octane across our network.

Several factors go into the pricing of fuel and why it may differ from one place to another, including transportation costs, provincial and/or municipal taxes, local market dynamics and the volume of gasoline sold at the station. For more information, please visit the Canadian Fuels Association

The demand for diesel has increased as a result of our strong industrial development in Canada and the growing number of diesel-powered vehicles. As a component of home heating oil, diesel is especially in greater demand during the winter, which tends to impact wholesale diesel prices.

Car Wash

We offer five types of car washes, depending on the car wash location:

  1. Wand-wash (self-serve)
  2. Touchless
  3. Rollover
  4. Soft-cloth tunnel washers
  5. Choice wash, which is a choice between Touchless or Soft-cloth

Our retailers must follow Husky’s cold weather standards, which specify that the car wash should be closed down if the temperature reaches -15 degrees Celsius or lower. This protects the equipment and ensures our customers get a high quality wash.

Husky car washes use Blue Coral, RainX cleaning products and Armor All Professional® Extreme Shine Wax™. All products are recognized as a leading brand of top quality car wash products.

Yes you can. Just swipe or scan your registered myHusky Rewards card when you purchase a car wash to earn points or instantly redeem for a FREE car wash starting from 600 points.

Yes we do. In addition to special offers throughout the year, we have three ongoing promotions for our customers:

  • Our car wash frequent-buyer card offers you a free wash after you’ve purchased five.
  • Coupon books, for all wash types, come in quantities of 10, 25 and 50 (and 100 in Ontario), offering you savings of up to $60.
  • During the winter, when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius and our car washes are closed, you can pre-purchase any wash type at 50% off the regular price. 

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is an API-certified colourless and odourless solution that reduces the amount of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emitted into the air by diesel engines. It is necessary for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology (used by most OEM engine manufacturers) to meet legislated emissions standards.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid that you can access from a pump dispenser.

All Husky sites carry DEF jugs in store. Bulk DEF is currently available at select Husky sites. (see list below).

British Columbia:

Chilliwack Travel Centre 7620A Vedder Rd., Chiliwack
Hope Travel Centre 61850 Flood Hope Rd., Hope
Prince George Travel Centre 1148 Pacific St., Prince George


Eastlake Industrial 5225 106 Ave. SE, Calgary
52nd Street Cardlock 6811 52 St. SE, Calgary
Edmonton West Travel Centre 26304 Township Rd. 531A, Edmonton
Grassland Travel Centre 5004 50th Ave., Grassland
Lloydminster Bulk Plant 5310 52 St., Lloydminster
Nisku Travel Centre 201 8020 Sparrow Dr., Nisku
Strathmore Travel Centre 436 Ridge Rd., Strathmore


Regina Bulk Plant 210 McDonald St. N, Regina 
Regina Travel Centre 1755 Prince of Wales Dr., Regina 
Saskatoon Travel Centre 315 Marquis Dr., Saskatoon
Swift Current Travel Centre 1510 S Service Rd. W, Swift Current


Brandon Travel Centre 1990 18 St. N, Brandon 
Headingly Travel Centre 5141 Portage Ave., Headingly 
Redonda Travel Centre 1300 Redonda St., Winnipeg 
Winnipeg Bulk Plant 922 Dugald Rd., Winnipeg 


Dryden Travel Centre 379 Government St., Hwy 17, Dryden 
Kingston Travel Centre 2054 Joyceville Rd., Kingston 
Nipigon Travel Centre Hwy 11 and 17 North, Nipigon 
St. Catharines Travel Centre 615 York Rd., St. Catharines
Windsor Travel Centre
 4040 Essex Rd. and Hwy 401, Windsor

Both are the same high quality H2Blu product. The only difference is how you access it. 

Husky Bulk DEF pumps are closed when the temperature reaches -15 degrees Celsius or colder to protect the pump equipment. For your convenience, DEF jugs are available in store.