Get even more with HuskyPRO

Using a HuskyPRO universal fleet card gives you true control, fuel savings and freedom over your fuel management. We have locations around the corner from your business, with myHusky Rewards, online management to monitor fuel expenses, robust reporting, 24/7 customer service support and advanced fraud protection.

myHusky Rewards

Purchasing fuel and eligible in-store items earns myHusky Rewards points for drivers, which can be redeemed for fuel, coffee, snacks, car washes and more at participating Husky locations.

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Fueling network

Access to more than 500 locations across Canada means you’re always close to a fill up, car wash or fresh coffee. Use our station locator to find sites nearest you.

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Here's where you can quickly access information to assist with your fleet management. Simply click on the links below: